About Hong

Fabulous Moments (002143247-D)

Starting out from a hobby, Hong slowly ventured into wedding photography in 2009 where he first took up a job because a friend of a friend had a limited wedding day photography budget. That experience led him to an attachment with a more senior photographer, where he got his first glimpse into the world of professional wedding photography. His passion only grew from then on, and after a few workshops plus guidance from professionals, he turned his hobby into a skill.

This self-professed wedding photojournalist loves telling stories through the photograph he captures. A good illustration of that is when he takes a family portrait. Instead of getting the family to pose like every other normal group photo, Hong believes that the interactions and characters of each family member have to come through that family portrait, something that not every photographer places importance on. Even when taking couple shoots, Hong takes the time to understand the couple: how they met, how they fell in love and from there plan shots that will capture the emotions unique to the couple themselves.

His love for wedding photography doesn’t just stop there. Hong also believes in capturing moments that will last the couple a lifetime. How? With an ability to adapt to fast moving situations, all the couple needs to do is just be themselves and Hong will move in swiftly, like a ninja armed with his samurai sword, striking at the most precise moments to capture only the best. And it is with these little moments that the couple can re-live that beautiful day again and again in their lifetime.